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Speech & Language Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy Services at Bihang Pediatric Development Center

Speech and language therapy is crucial in supporting children who face challenges in communication. At Bihang PDC, our Speech & Language Therapy services are designed to address a wide array of communication issues and help children find their voice.

Understanding Speech & Language Disorders:

These disorders can affect the way a child talks, understands, analyzes or processes information. Common issues include stuttering, difficulty with articulation, language delays, and aphasia.

Identifying the Need for Speech & Language Therapy:

Children who may benefit from these services often exhibit signs such as:

  • Limited vocabulary for their age.

  • Trouble following or giving directions.

  • Problems with articulation or phonological processes.

  • Difficulty in understanding questions or telling stories.

Our Speech & Language Therapy Approach:

Bihang PDC’s strategy encompasses:

  • Comprehensive Assessments: Evaluating speech, language, voice, and fluency to understand each child’s unique needs.

  • Individualized Therapy Plans: Tailored approaches to target specific communication challenges.

  • Articulation Therapy: Techniques to improve speech sound production.

  • Language Intervention Activities: Strategies to develop language skills, both understanding and expression.

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC): Support for non-verbal children or those with severe speech limitations.

Collaboration for Comprehensive Care:

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach and collaborate with occupational therapists, educators, and families to create a supportive environment for the child. Parents receive guidance on how to effectively support their child's communication development at home.

At Bihang PDC, we are dedicated to unlocking each child's potential to communicate effectively. By addressing speech and language challenges early and with expert care, we help children improve their ability to express themselves and engage with the world around them. If you have concerns about your child’s speech and language development, we invite you to contact us for a detailed consultation and begin a journey towards clear and confident communication.

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