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Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy services are led by experienced and specialised therapists who will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan. We understand that every Child's needs are unique, and we aim to provide targeted therapy that helps you achieve your goals. With us, you can expect professional and compassionate care throughout each session.

Occupational Therapy at Bihang PDC: Best Occupational Therapy Center in Electronic City, Bengaluru

Experience world class Occupational Therapy Services in Electronic City Bengaluru

At Bihang Pediatric Development Center (Bihang PDC), nestled in the bustling hub of Electronic City, Bengaluru, we embrace the individual journey of each person, particularly those navigating through developmental challenges, disabilities, or other health concerns. Bihang PDC is a pillar of innovation and compassionate care in the realm of occupational therapy.

Tailored Care for Diverse Needs Our ethos at Bihang PDC is centered around personalized and empathetic care. We acknowledge the distinctiveness of each individual, offering specialized occupational therapy that caters to their unique needs and aspirations. Our skilled occupational therapists use a variety of proven and contemporary techniques, aimed at enhancing daily functionality, social interaction, and independence.

Comprehensive Services Across Age Groups Bihang PDC offers a wide range of services, starting with pediatric occupational therapy. For children, we address sensory integration issues, developmental delays, and learning challenges through fun and engaging methods.

Cutting-Edge Facilities in Electronic City, Bengaluru Proudly situated in Electronic City, Bengaluru, Bihang PDC boasts state-of-the-art facilities and employs the latest occupational therapy methods. Our occupational therapists are not only highly qualified but are also committed to continuous professional development, ensuring our clients benefit from the most advanced care available.

Beyond Therapy: Empowering Lives At Bihang PDC, we aim to impact lives positively, extending beyond the therapy sessions. We endeavor to empower our clients, helping them gain confidence and independence. Our programs are designed to integrate into daily routines, ensuring sustainable benefits and an enhanced quality of life.

Bihang PDC  is one of the best Occupational Therapy Centre in Electronic City, Bengaluru. We have the best team of Occupational Therapist at our occupational therapy centre in Bengaluru.

Bihang PDC , Occupational therapy centre in Electronic City, Bengaluru, help children and adults with scientifically proven techniques of occupagtional therapy to overcome hurdles such as performing day to day activities, socializing with people, playing with friends or facing difficulty in learning. Our occupational therapists’ help children to overcome learning challenges, socialising challenges etc.

Why Bihang PDC Stands Out for Occupational Therapy?

  • Dedicated team of highly qualified certified occupational therapists with paediatric specialisation

  • Customized treatment plans for individual needs on children with varied needs

  • Advanced facilities in the heart of Electronic City on Hosur Road, South Bengaluru

  • Best occupational therapist with decades of experience & proven results

  • A commitment to incorporating the latest occupational therapy advancements

Embark on a Path to Independence with Us Whether it’s support for developmental issues in children or overcoming age-related challenges, Bihang PDC in Electronic City, Bengaluru, is your trusted partner. Reach out for a confidential consultation and begin your journey towards a more independent and enriched life.

Experience the Bihang PDC difference in occupational therapy, where cutting-edge care meets heartfelt support.


  1. What is Occupational Therapy? Occupational therapy is a healthcare practice focused on helping individuals of all ages to perform daily activities with greater ease and independence. This can include those with physical, cognitive, or developmental challenges.

  2. Who Can Benefit from Occupational Therapy at Bihang PDC? Our services cater to a wide range of clients, from children with developmental delays to elderly individuals facing age-related challenges.

  3. What Makes Bihang PDC Unique in Bengaluru? Located in Electronic City, Bengaluru, Bihang PDC stands out for its personalized care, advanced facilities, and a team of dedicated occupational therapists who are committed to delivering the best outcomes for our clients.

  4. How to Get Started with Occupational Therapy at Bihang PDC? Simply contact us or book a free confidential consultation. Our team will guide you through the process and help determine the best approach for your needs.

  5. What are the conditions that need occupational Therapy?  Childrens with varied conditions need occupational therapy to improve on their needs. Conditions like Autism, Down Snydrome, Sensory integration issues, ADHD, Learning disability etc can benefit from occupational therapy.

With Bihang Pediatric Development Center, discover the path to greater independence and joy in everyday life.

Therapists Ipsita is very professional, experienced, talented, polite and patient.She thoroughly understand the needs of every child and work accordingly for their growth and development. I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking for a Child Development Centre in Bangalore.

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