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Speech & Language Therapy

At Bihang PDC, we have a team of experienced and dedicated speech and language therapists who are trained to help your child  overcome any speech or language difficulties.  We believe that everyone has the ability to communicate effectively and with confidence, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your full potential.

Speech Therapy at Bihang PDC: Best Speech Therapy Center in Electronic City, Bengaluru

Experience world class Speech & language Therapy Services in Electronic City Bengaluru

At Bihang Pediatric Development Center (Bihang PDC), located in Electronic City, Bengaluru, we specialize in providing top-notch speech therapy services. We recognize the crucial role of communication in everyone's life, especially for those facing challenges in speech and language development. Bihang PDC is dedicated to offering expert care and support in the field of speech therapy.

Personalized Speech Therapy for All Ages Our approach to speech therapy at Bihang PDC is highly individualized and empathetic. We understand that each client has unique communication needs and goals. Our team of certified speech therapists is trained in the latest techniques and methodologies, focused on improving speech, language, voice, fluency, and auditory processing.

Wide Spectrum of Speech Therapy Services We offer a comprehensive range of speech therapy services suitable for various age groups. For children, our focus is on addressing speech delays, articulation issues, language disorders, and social communication challenges. For adults, we provide therapy for speech impairments due to neurological conditions, voice disorders, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

State-of-the-Art Facilities in Bengaluru Bihang PDC prides itself on its modern facilities located in Electronic City, Bengaluru. Our speech therapy department is equipped with the latest tools and resources to provide the most effective treatment. Our therapists are committed to continuous learning and professional growth, ensuring the highest standards of care.

Beyond Therapy: Enhancing Communication Skills Our goal at Bihang PDC extends beyond therapy sessions. We strive to enhance the overall communication abilities of our clients, empowering them to interact confidently and effectively in their daily lives. Our therapy plans are designed to have a lasting impact, improving both personal and social interactions.

Bihang PDC  is one of the best Speech & Language Therapy Centre in Electronic City, Bengaluru. We have the best team of speech Therapist at our speech therapy centre in Bengaluru.

Bihang PDC , one of the best Speech therapy centre in Electronic City, Bengaluru, help childrens by understanding & identifting the underlying cause and then address the issue with an personalised therapy plan. Speech related issues are not just restricted to abnormal brain development or neurological condition; it could also be because the affected person cannot interpret the language or its commands.

Why Choose Bihang PDC for Speech Therapy?

  • Expert team of speech-language pathologists who are experienced in treating children

  • Tailored speech therapy plans for individual communication needs

  • state of the art speech therapy facilities in Electronic City, Bengaluru

  • Proven track record in enhancing communication skills

  • Dedication to using innovative and effective speech therapy techniques

Start Your Journey to Effective Communication If you're seeking professional support for speech and language challenges, Bihang PDC in Electronic City, Bengaluru, is here to assist you. Contact us for a detailed consultation and take the first step towards improved communication and a richer life experience.

Experience the difference at Bihang PDC in speech therapy, where we blend compassionate care with advanced communication techniques.


  1. What is Speech Therapy? Speech therapy is a clinical program aimed at improving speech and language skills and oral motor abilities. It helps individuals with various speech and language disorders or difficulties.

  2. Who Can Benefit from Speech Therapy at Bihang PDC? Our services are beneficial for individuals of all ages experiencing speech and language challenges, including children with speech delays, adults recovering from strokes or injuries, and others needing speech improvement.

  3. What Sets Bihang PDC Apart in Bengaluru? Located in Electronic City, Bengaluru, Bihang PDC is known for its personalized approach, state-of-the-art facilities, and a dedicated team of speech therapists committed to providing exceptional care.

  4. How Do I Begin Speech Therapy at Bihang PDC? Reach out to us for a comprehensive consultation. Our experienced team will assess your needs and recommend the most suitable therapy plan.

Discover enhanced communication and confidence with Bihang Pediatric Development Center’s speech therapy services.

One of the best speech Therapy center in Bengaluru. My son was not able to speak before taking the services. Now he can speak properly after taking speech therapy services from Bihang PDC

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