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Rehabilitation for Cerebral Palsy

Rehabilitation for Cerebral Palsy

Rehabilitation for Cerebral Palsy at Bihang Pediatric Development Center

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a neurological disorder that affects a child's movement, muscle tone, and posture. It is caused by damage to the immature brain either during pregnancy, childbirth, or infancy. CP can lead to a variety of physical challenges, from difficulty with fine motor tasks to mobility limitations.

Understanding Cerebral Palsy:

Children with CP may exhibit signs such as delays in reaching motor skill milestones, variations in muscle tone (either too stiff or too floppy), involuntary movements, or an unusual gait. These symptoms can vary greatly in severity and combination, and they may change over time.

When to Seek Clinical Support:

Professional consultation is advised if parents or caregivers notice:

  • Delays in motor skill development.

  • Muscle rigidity or flaccidity.

  • Involuntary movements or tremors.

  • Difficulty with balance and coordination.

Our Multifaceted CP Rehabilitation Services:

Bihang PDC's rehabilitation program for children with CP is comprehensive, including:

  • Physical Therapy: To enhance strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility.

  • Occupational Therapy: For improving daily living skills and fostering independence.

  • Speech and Language Therapy: To assist with communication challenges often associated with CP.

  • Specialized Equipment Training: Utilizing braces, walkers, or wheelchairs to support movement.

Family-Centered Care:

We partner with families to create a supportive environment for the child, providing education and resources to extend therapeutic strategies into the home.

If you have concerns about your child's development, Bihang PDC is ready to assist. Reach out to us for a consultation to explore our rehabilitation services for Cerebral Palsy and take proactive steps towards your child's enhanced mobility and independence.

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